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Carpet Installation

Carpet is a go to option for many rooms in the house.  Carpet provides warmth and insulation, thanks to its many fibers, which protect against the cold and heat.  Carpet is also beneficial in that fact that it is easy to sit or work on, and it is slip friendly option compared to other flooring.  We stock over 100 varieties for carpet installation.  Below are a few of our best sellers.  If you want to see more or get a quote call us today!

Best Sellers

Benefits of Carpet For Your Flooring

Carpet has many benefits of your home and is herald as the safer choice for flooring.  Carpeting removes the slickness factor from slips and falls that you may still find on other flooring options.  If you have young children this will more than likely be the go to option for their room as children tend to fall when learning to walk and just being kids.

Carpet is also on the forefront in reducing allergens.  The fibers within the carpet have been shown to trap allergens and other particles.  A simple vacuuming with a vacuum with a HEPA filter will ensure that all allergens are disposed of.

The many fibers of carpet help to insulate the home.  Although we are in Texas and it's cold 2-8 weeks out of the year, when it is cold carpet provides a fantastic layer of insulation for your flooring.  

Carpeting also comes in many styles and designs which gives it versatility when it comes to design options.


Design Ideas For Your Carpet Flooring

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