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Tile is a go to choice for most homeowners flooring needs. Ceramic tile has tons of benefits including durability, it’s easy to clean, and a quick way to give a room a very upscale look. Tile comes in a variety of different styles, shapes, colors, textures, and can match almost any decorating job already done in the home.  If you are looking for a type of flooring that will last tile is definitely a go to for you. 

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2 Main Tile Types

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are a popular type of material to be used in flooring. Ceramic tiles are made up of materials such as clays, natural products, and even sand.  Ceramic tiles can be manufactured with either a glazed or unglazed appearance.  An increasing number of homeowners opt for glazed ceramic tiles in their home.  There are hundreds of design options for ceramic tiles.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile

  • Impervious to water

  • Will not lose color or fade

  • Easy to clean

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has many benefits when used for flooring installations. Porcelain is constructed in a manner that resembles ceramic.  This type of tile will provide it’s owners with a resistant, durable, and reliable floor for their home or business.  

Benefits of Porcelain Tile

  • Impervious to water

  • Will not lose color or fade

  • Easy to clean

  • Thousands of design options

Benefits of Tile Flooring

There are many benefits to having a tile flooring installation in your home.  Tile is a perfect way to get a harder more durable surface.  Ceramic and porcelain tile are world renowned for their resilient ability and long lasting characteristic.  The lifespan of this tile will boil down to 2 things;

  1. Proper cleaning and care

  2. Proper installation


Tile comes in a wide variety of options.  There are many colors and styles to match any design job in your home.  


Tile flooring is also healthy.  They work to preserve your indoor air quality.  The way that the tile is constructed leaves it with little to no organic compounds (VOCs).  These VOCs can carry with them a wide variety of health problems.  Tile is also on the forefront of having its carbon footprint cleaned up as well.


Tile is very low maintenance.  It can withstands spills, water, and pet accidents if properly installed and sealed.  A majority of the grout is also stain resistant and a simple dosing of water and soap is usually enough to clean up any spill.  

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